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Endowment VCRC Spa Day 2018

The Vegso Community Resource Center (VCRC) was dedicated on February 2, 2004. Since then it has been so much more than just the headquarters for the Junior League of Boca Raton. The VCRC has held over 350 seminars and workshops that were attended by nearly 11,000 individuals from nonprofit community organizations. That is in addition to hosting 14 years of countless monthly meetings and trainings for Junior League members themselves.

The VCRC is in need of Spa Day! Please join us and treat the VCRC to a Spa treatment so that the VCRC will continue to help serve our community in the future in all her beauty!

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online sales closed $100.00 Manicure & Pedicure (Painting) 2018
online sales closed $500.00 Deep Tissue & Hot Stone Massage (Air Conditioning) 2018
online sales closed $1,000.00 The Great Escape (Roof Repairs) 2018
online sales closed $2,500.00 The Ultimate Spa Experience (Repaving of Parking Lot) 2018
online sales closed $5,000.00 Total Indulgence (The Works - A Complete Makeover) 2018

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